Online Shopping With Fonelight?

You can examine different models for lighting poles,which are one of the most decisive elements in street and garden lighting,and you can realize desings according to your wishes with us.You can browse the garden accessories section for chair models and you can complete your landscaping with our fountain, bench,mailbox models.

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Fonelight Technologies

Fonelight, which Mayrek A.Ş established and developed for the lighting industry, takes desing one step forward with its high technology.
Constitutes the main pillars of our zero tolerance understanding.
Ever since turning lighting into art began to bring pleasure to us and our bussiness partners, we have fought for the better.
A visual feast, an artistic touch…
City Lighting
Comfort Lighting
and widening the track of production with direction sings.
Our planning and production department,following professional competence and developing technologies,is working non-stop for more functional,light and robust production.We know more or less what kind of problems you encounter with an uneducated and unqualified bussiness.Your priorites and principles are a torch in our roadmap.
İn order to be visible in all important channels in order to reach and inform you on every platform;
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and tracking at, and write how we can help you.
Every criticism and suggestion from you forces us to be more perfectionist.From now on,we will publish various information and scientific articles on illumination,some of which have been previously written,and we will present you with our perspective.Hope to meet you here again as soon as possible…
And whenever you want we welcome you to our office for a coffee.There are many topics to talk about.